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BONDERITE C-AD 42900 - High performance defoamer in one pouch

Uncontrolled foaming during process bath maintenance can cause disruptions in operations. To prevent this, users resort to defoamers. These are commonly packaged in awkwardly sized, heavy canisters. What is more, they are usually oil-based. If they are used in excessively high concentrations, this may result in bath contamination. All these disadvantages are eliminated by a defoamer from Henkel that comes in a newly developed pre-portioned pack. With its precise dosing, Bonderite C-AD 42900 makes bath defoaming easy, safe and reliable.

Effective defoamer pre-packed in individual doses: Bonderite C-AD 42900 is based on glycols and surface-active compounds. The product enables safe and clean use of the chemical without any direct skin contact. This is assured by its unique packaging format. These pouches dissolve upon contact with water, thus allowing easy and precise dosing of the defoamer. The special packaging format helps users prevent overdosing.
Broad application range

The individual packs are ideal for defoaming a variety of different process baths. Application areas are in baths with neutral cleaners, alkaline degreasers, rinses, and metalworking fluids. The pouches can also be used in paint overspray coagulation, wastewater treatment systems and in water-based cutting and grinding fluids. Bonderite C-AD 42900 is fully dispersible in water. The product leaves no residues on metal surfaces. Disruptions in downstream processing are not known. 
Bonderite C-AD 42900 is available in packs with 100 individual pouches. One pouch of Bonderite C-AD 42900 is usually sufficient to treat 500 liters of bath volume.


BONDERITE a registered trademark of Henkel and/or its affiliates in Germany and elsewhere.

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